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Addiction Information/FAQs

What does a rehabilitation center do?
A rehabilitation center helps addicts in the recovery process. The centers usually have an outlined residential program. At a center addict learns on how to live his life without drugs, alcohol, smoking. He learns how to deal with stress and anxiety without turning to drugs or alcohol. The addicts are helped to analyze themselves, confront defensive behaviour and learn coping patterns.

How much time does it take to cure?
The duration of the patient’s stay may vary from 5 weeks to 20 weeks. It all depends on the addicts condition, on how long has he been taking the drugs, impact of drugs on his brain etc.

Is there a facility to view our loved ones?
We understand the concerns and hence have a live webcam facility that we make available to families. Kindly let us know if you want to avail this facility while admissions

Abusing drugs or alcohol is not necessarily the same as being addicted to them?
Both are equally brutal. One leads to the other so if you see any of your friends and family doing it, get them help by getting them to a rehab center.

What are the common misunderstandings about addiction?
Cough Medicines, sleeping pills are medicines and ok to abuse Addicts are bad, misbehaved or useless people Addicts should not be treated unless they are violent or fall in gutters and create problems in social setting People who do not abuse/drink continuously, that is throughout the day, don’t have a problem People who are into substance abuse can be left alone if they earn well and work well.

Do addicts need to be given some medicines?
In certain cases it becomes necessary to do so.

What is recovery?
A person is on the recovery path when he abstains from or stops the use of addictive substance completely, examines and improves selfthinking, feeling and behaviour patterns; that is he tries to make reasonable changes in his lifestyle. The recovered addict also starts rehabilitating himself in family, job, education and career. He also takes efforts in learning ways to cope with free time, money and relationships, that is channelling energies into positive ways.

What is detoxification?
It is a process in which the patient is administered drugs, diet and a change of atmosphere to break the routine of addiction. Required medical and counselling support is also provided as withdrawal symptoms like disorientation, sleeplessness, restlessness often occur during detoxification.

What happens after treatment?
Person comes back educated about his illness, believes that he can remain without addictive substance, and continues with his work. He is also aware of the disadvantages of substance abuse, and that if he does not take proper precautions there are chances of relapse.

What is AA, NA?
AA is Alcoholics Anonymous, a self-help group started by and for the alcoholics.
NA is Narcotics Anonymous, a self-help group for users of narcotic drugs like brown sugar, charas, ganja, cocaine etc.
These groups have free membership, they provide anonymity and a sense of belonging to their members.

What is the role of family members?
Role of family members/caregivers in helping the addict is very crucial. They need to accept that the addict is ill, and should accompany him for treatment like any other patient They need to play a remedial role as prescribed by the counsellor Changing their thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns is necessary It is important to play a vigilant role in case the patient slips back to addiction. The family should try and lead a normal life within the circumstances.

Can an addict ever be cured?
Yes certainly. For some it takes multiple sessions but addicts can certainly be cured.

An addict would seek help on his own and does not need a friend or family’s help?
An addicts mind is being distorted by continuous use and prolonged exposure to drugs, alcohol or smoking. So in majority of the cases he would refrain from admitting that he’s got an issue and thereby seeking help.